FMA for the ring

FMA for the ring

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FMA for the ring seminar
In this 4-hour workshop, Pat O'Malley - Chief Instructor of Rapid Arnis International - will be introducing principles and techniques from Filipino Martial Arts, and integrating them into ring-fighting formats. Limb-hunting, programming to facilitate entries, and destructive close-quarter applications will help to give you a unique edge, whatever format you are sparring in.
Instructor bio: 
Tuhon Pat O'Malley is one of the most well-known personalities in the Filipino Martial Arts, being the first non-Filipino to be invited to the Council of Masters, co-founder of the British Council of Kali Eskrima and Arnis Instructors, and winner of numerous international titles on the full-contact stick fighting circuit. 
As a teacher, Pat has also coached the British team to victory on several occasions, has delivered specialised training packages to civilian and government organisations, and was one of the pioneer Vale Tudo (no-holds-barred fighting) coaches in the UK.
Date: Sunday September 14th
Time: 12pm-4pm
Location: Urban Warriors Academy, Arch 12, Miles St, Vauxhall, London SW8 1RZ
Price: £50 (£40 if booked before August 31st)

Entry criteria: Open to all styles and experience levels. Everyone welcome.

Recommended equipment: Gumshields, groin guards, gloves and other personal protective equipment are useful, but not mandatory. There will be some equipment available at the venue for those lacking it.


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