Robert Murray - M.A.C. self defence coach, karate and ju jitsu

I started martial arts in my late teens. It makes me laugh when I think back, as I was coaching myself from a book using a barn as a make shift gym. Of course I was doing everything wrong and moved on to proper instruction in 1972 with Kyushindo Karate. After gaining my purple belt with Kyushindo I joined Higashi Wado Ryu Karate. I joined Higashi because the training was hard and the fighting was tough and that’s what I wanted from my training. Once I gained Dan grade in Higashi, I put a white belt on again and started learning the art of Ju Jitsu. For me Ju Jitsu is a fantastic self-defence martial art.

Over the years I have also trained in:

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Krava Maga
  • Escrima
  • Systema
  • Tai Chi Chaun


With over 40 years experience i have gained the following qualifications: 

  • M.A.C. self defence coach
  • 3rd Dan Higashi Karate
  • 7th Dan Ju Jitsu


In that time I have trained with some great instructors such as: 

  • Meji Suzuki (Judd St)
  • Steve Morris
  • Sensei Gregg Wallace
  • Sensei Ticky Donovan
  • Sensei Peter Spanton
  • Prof Richard Morris
  • Prof James Mc Dade
  • Prof Del Connelly
  •  Master Andrew Sifos


    Since I began my martial arts Journey, I do believe the standards have got much better. A black belt today is technically far better and more knowledgeable then a black belt was thirty years ago. I think this is due to better instruction, more choice and better information available to students.  I do believe Students starting any martial art today are very fortunate and privileged, they will find training very rewarding.

    Thank you for reading this I look forward to seeing you soon.