Martial Arts Instuctors Profile: Sensei Paul Murray

Sensei Paul Murray

I started my martial arts career at the tender age of six along with my brother Sensei David Murray, studying the discipline of Judo. I was instantly hooked and after several years, I added karate to my training schedule at the age of eight. Over the years, I have trained with some fantastic Karate instructors and had great success winning trophies in many tournaments for Kumati and Kata. In recent years, I have started to compete again winning first, second and third in my last three tournaments. Although I have had some success, I do believe it's a younger and quicker mans game, and I do  prefer a bit more contact to my fighting.

As a natural progression from Judo and Karate, I moved on to Jujitsu at the age of nineteen and found this perfect for me. I loved the fact that there were no limitations to what I could strike with and that I could use a lot of my throwing techniques I had learned in Judo.

Over the years, I have trained in many disciplines and with many different instructors and few have impressed me with there knowledge of martial arts more than Sensei Robert Murray chief instructor at the club. Throughout my training career to date, if there is anything I can take from it all, it would be that you should never knock a type of martial art, as a martial art is only as good as the martial artist. I like to bring different training methods and ideas to the dojo so that students get different ideas for what works best for them.

Along with my martial arts qualifications, I am also a qualified personal trainer, sports therapist and a boxercise instructor. I also have qualifications for circuit training, kettlebell instruction and teaching young adults.  I am CRB checked and registered  with REPs (Register of exercise professionals) .

You should find me an approachable, friendly, fun instructor after all if you don't enjoy what your doing then what's the point. I'm passionate about martial arts and if you want to learn I want to teach you. Hope to see you soon.