MMA Fitness: A mixture of martial arts and boxing fitness classes

MMA fitness is a fantastic total body workout, which focuses on primarily martial arts and boxing training.  In the class, you will gain all the strength and conditioning benefits, without having to take any of the punishing blows, associated with martial arts/boxing training. The class is designed with not only your health and fitness goals but also your self protection in mind.

A typical class consists of:

  • Warm up - This is a pulse raiser to warm up your core body temperature, increase blood to the muscles and lubricates the joints.  We would also include some dynamic stretches (moving whilst stretching).
  • Main session - Could be held in many different formats such as group exercise, circuit training (single / partnered), pad work (partnered and working as a group) or a combination of various formats.   
  • Cool down - Concentrate on lowering your heart rate and static stretches


Along with many different types of training methods, you will also be using a lot of different equipment, such as; weights, focus mitts, kick shields, punch bags, Thai pads, Kettlebells, Trx suspension training,sand bags, steps etc 

Throughout the classes, you will receive constant coaching on improving your techniques and safe use of equipment.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved muscular strength and endurance
  • Better muscular definition and tone                                                                  
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved core stability and strength
  • Improved speed, agility and balance
  • Lower body fat %
  • Improved functional fitness (the improved ability to go about every day tasks)
  • Lower stress levels

Some of the self defence benefits are:

  • Improved fitness and strength increases your capability to fight or protect yourself
  • Increase your striking power – develop knockout power with your strikes
  • Develop functional fighting skills