Kids Jujitsu

In our jujitsu classes we build self defence skills while improving student’s confidence.  We teach kids to defend themselves against bullies without becoming the bully. We put great emphases on discipline and respect

As well as teaching kids to defend themselves, we do believe it’s important to make them aware of other defensive skills such as:

  • Awareness – to be aware of their environment and what’s about them in their everyday life. 
  • Avoidance – You try to avoid situations which you might find trouble.
  • Confidence - Confident children tend to get bullied less and if they are getting bullied have the confidence to tell someone about it.
  • Responsibility- for their own safety and actions.  Making sure their mobile phones are charged , telling parents where they are going etc


Classes are held in our Chingford and Enfield Dojo’s. ..............

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