Junior Classes


Children learn in a safe, nurturing, fun environment, where everyone can progress at their own pace. Under our qualified coaches we guide children to overcome fears, gain confidence, and learn new skills and children have a lot of fun doing it!

We believe in encouraging children to do their best without necessary being the best.  It is important to encourage and reassure to eliminate the fear of failure. After all if we never fail at anything how do we get better?



Classes will vary depending on the goal of the class, age group and skill set.  Although our classes are disciplined we do believe children learn a lot through play.  Through playing warm up + cool down games /drills specific to the class we improve fundamental movement patterns that are important in other sports and everyday life such as agility, balance, co –ordination, running, jumping , throwing. Passing, catching etc...

Some of the benefits of training with us are:

  • Improved fundamental movement pattern
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Improved strength
  • Improved concentration levels ( listening, attention span and ability to follow out instructions)
  • Improved memory
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved self esteem
  • Improved moods ( exercise burns off harmful hormones and increases good ones)
  • Improved self defence skills

We could go on, as you can see there’s nothing bad comes of engaging in some form of physical activity.  We believe by doing so children set their foundations to go on and succeed in the future.


Coaches / instructors

Coaches / instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked.

To get the most from our classes and to make them enjoyable we do believe in making these positive steps

  • To be clean and well presented
  • To be on time
  • To be organised
  • To treat all children equally
  • To encourage children
  • To be enthusiastic
  • To vary classes
  • To match goals to the child’s abilities


More Classes will be added all the time

For more information please contact us.....