Black belt - Adult Self Defence Syllabus

Say what you mean. We can only get what we want if we ask for it. And if we ask we've got a better change of getting it. Your true journey begins only now. This belt is a true beginning Well done!

  1. Advanced pad work
  2. 25 straight throws
  3. Defending against various attacks while defender is blindfolded
  4. Counter to throws ( 10 )
  5. Inside leg sweep
  6. Combination throws ( 10 )
  7. Forearm punch, reverse punch
  8. Kata of blocks
  9. Inside forearm block, back first, throw
  10. Defence against kicks ( 8 )
  11. One handed throat throw
  12. Attacking the eyes and ears
  13. Xblock to straight punch or download strike, knee to groin, strike to head
  14. Left and right upward rising block and throw
  15. Palm heal blocks from various moves
  16. The open hand and its uses
  17. The elbow and its uses
  18. The bottom first and how to use it
  19. Counters to various locks
  20. Defence to combined punch and kick
  21. Various wrist locks from various attacks
  22. Basic stick work
  23. Anatomical knowledge
  24. Ground work