About Jujitsu training in Murray's Martial Arts Academy

The club teaches the Connelly Federation Jujitsu style under the guidance of professor Del Connelly ( 10th dan head instructor). The club has been established since 1995 and has had a wealth of students come through the ranks. We also belong to the amateur martial arts association (AMA).

There are two senior instructors at the club, Sensei Robert Murray and Sensei Paul Murray. Classes are safe, disciplined, friendly and most of all FUN. The club is well equiped with punch bags, various striking pads, various weapons  and a fully matted area.

Training consists of:

  • Extensive warm up and conditioning
  • Pad work
  • Technical work
  • Syllabus
  • Pressure testing ( where you learn to defend yourself under pressure and put into practise some of the techniques you have learned so far. This drill can take place standing, or on the floor.
  • cool down and stretching 

You will find a lot of variety in the class, but generally we follow the above template.

Jujitsu training is gradual and tailored to each individual.  Some benefits of Jujitsu training are: 

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increasing Strength
  • Greater Confidence
  • Improved self defence skills
  • Improved Self esteem*

    You will find our classes to be safe, disciplined, friendly and most of all FUN.

    * self esteem is your sense of self worth, it's the value you put on yourself. When our self esteem is low we only see our weakness. Look to your strengths, see your self as a strong confident person and that's how the world will see you.

    In our opinion Jujitsu is the complete martial art, we incorporate a wide range of combative techniques such as :


  1. Striking - somebody once said to me "Jujitsu is no good for multiple attackers because as soon as you grab your attacker to throw them, another attacker has hit you. At Murray's Martial Arts we put a great emphasis on striking and will teach you to create maximum trauma from your striking ability. The whole idea is that you hurt your attacker first then you throw what’s left ( if your attacker is still standing) then move on. Don't make the mistake of confusing judo with jujitsu. We don't limit ourselves to a set range of strikes we use a whole variety.


2.   Throwing - as you work through the syllabus you will learn a vast range of throws to add to your arsenal

3.   Locking and restraining techniques

4.   Grappling - learn how to finish a fight on the floor / how to get back on your feet quickly if dealing with more then one attacker

5.   Pressure point striking - learn numerous pressure point attacks

6.   Weapons - learn how to defend yourself against + how to use various weapons